Drawing on the spiritual ethos of the Blue Rider Group and inspired the works of the Chinese Scholar/poet-painters (11th-13th centuries), Nabarro is now using the natural world as a basis for expressing and exploring the ethereal in the physical. She loosely abstracts natural world forms in a way that allows her to focus and express more purely the energy of physicality and of physical bodies. Nabarro uses these forms as a way of exploring her own physicality and what it means to be an energetic, or spiritual, being in a physical body. In this sense, she is also interested in finding out more about the where the collective and the personal might meet - a concern which manifests through all her bodies of work.

In choosing, in recent work, to focus on living forms such as trees, Nabarro aims to transcend the human - the histories, emotions and cerebral complexities that make up an individual. Instead, she is interested in exploring the living, physical form purely as is - as pure consciousness and being alive-ness. Trees and the natural world seem to manifest and express this purity of being very powerfully. 

Nabarro's journey into abstraction began with an interest in the natural world and the flow of water - using water as a way of expressing pure emotion. Her connection with nature has been a powerful drive behind her artistic practice and a way of bringing together spirituality with materiality. 

Nabarro also uses text as a reminder of the artist's presence in the work and the artist's thinking and process. It is a reminder of the materiality of the painting process itself, thereby creating a further layer of physicality. Nabarro is interested in the creative process itself - asking where physical and ethereal meet.

Nabarro uses primarily acrylic and oil pastels on canvas. Very recent works have been created on unstretched canvas designed to hang, as is, on the wall. This reflects the immediacy of the painting process and also challenges the presentation of the painting as a perfected image and, instead, makes the messiness of self expression and process a part of the finished product.

Beyond the Blue Rider Group and the Scholar Painters, Sarah Nabarro's work has been informed by the Abstract and Neo Expressionists. She trained at Hertfordshire University, is currently on a course of further training with the Turps Banana school of art and, previously, read Social Anthropology at Cambridge University. Her work is held in private collections in the UK and the USA. She is based in London.


Selected Exhibitions:


Group show with Oaktree and Tiger Gallery, Ashurst, (Jan-Mar 2017)


A Love Letter to Myself (solo exhibition), Ma-Wah Gallery, (Oct-Nov 2017)

Electric Open, Electric Picture House (Oct-Nov 2017)

Surprising Things (solo exhibition), CueB Gallery (Mar-Apr 2017)

In Translation, Espacio Gallery (April 2016)

Confluence, Espacio Gallery (October 2015)

The Times Watercolour Exhibition, Mall Galleries (2015)

Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize Shortlist, Ashurst London (2015)

In the Comfort of Shadows (solo exhibition), MMX Gallery (2015)

The Discerning Eye, Annual Art Exhibition, Mall Galleries (2014)

Society of Women Artists, Open Exhibition, Mall Galleries (2014)

Zeitgeist Summer Exhibition, Zeitgeist Art Projects (2014)

Blink Pop Up, Blink Pop Up Arts (2014)



Shortlisted for the NOAC exhibition (2014)



Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize Shortlist (2015)

Showdown Shortlist, Saatchi Online (2013)