Originally a figurative painter, Nabarro has moved between abstraction and figuration, creating work in which she may discover more about who, or what, we are collectively. Through this process, she poses where - and if - the personal and the universal may meet. Nabarro is also interested in space as a site of change, a site of potential and creativity and as a place in which we may connect better within.

Recent work explores the extent to which visual art and the written word may be integrated in order to create a language that is both new and unknown and, at the same time, known and deeply personal. In pushing text into visual abstraction, Nabarro pushes verbal language to its limits, in order to ask deeper questions about language and the ways in which we connect in general.

This process is sometimes akin to that of archaeology, involving a washing, wiping, or painting away of a part of what was, leaving in its wake something that is both recognisable and unrecognisable. At other times, the artist is more verbally explicit, and the unknown-ness emerges from the paint itself - an abstract space that poses as many questions as it answers.  In these works, the words often take on new meanings in the context of the paint - or lose their meanings as they become visual objects.  

Nabarro's work has been influenced by the Abstract-Expressionists, the Neo-Expressionists, as well as by the Chinese Scholar-painters of the 10th-13th centuries. 

Sarah Nabarro trained at the Motley School of Theatre Design and at Hertfordshire University, having read Social Anthropology at Cambridge University. Her work is held in private collections in the UK and the USA. She is based in London.



Selected Exhibitions:


A Love Letter to Myself (solo exhibition), Mah-Wah Gallery, (13th Oct-18th Nov 2017)

Electric Open, Electric Picture House (21st Oct-18th Nov)


Surprising Things (solo exhibition), CueB Gallery (Mar-Apr 2017)

In Translation, Espacio Gallery (April 2016)

Confluence, Espacio Gallery (October 2015)

The Times Watercolour Exhibition, Mall Galleries (2015)

Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize Shortlist, Ashurst London (2015)

In the Comfort of Shadows (solo exhibition), MMX Gallery (2015)

The Discerning Eye, Annual Art Exhibition, Mall Galleries (2014)

Society of Women Artists, Open Exhibition, Mall Galleries (2014)

Zeitgeist Summer Exhibition, Zeitgeist Art Projects (2014)

Blink Pop Up, Blink Pop Up Arts (2014)



Shortlisted for the NOAC exhibition (2014)



Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize Shortlist (2015)

Showdown Shortlist, Saatchi Online (2013)