Nabarro's art is a constantly evolving and changing journey - one that mirrors her own journey through life and with herself. Drawing on Jungian thought, her work is based on the premise that, through art, she may bypass what is already known and conscious in order to discover something new about herself, or the world around her. Her work is underpinned by the idea that true creativity cannot be premeditated - that we have to keep surprising ourselves. 

Nabarro is a figurative artist. She resonates deeply with Van Gogh's comment that the face is 'timeless'. It is the expressive power, potential and, indeed, timeless nature of the face that continues to inspire the her.

There is a fluidity and playfulness that runs through her painting and that has grown over time. In choosing to abstract and play with the human face in her recent pieces, Nabarro makes a comment about human creativity - that everything is there to be played with and what does the human face mean to each of us anyway? Fundamental to our being and identity, in Nabarro's work the face (and occasionally the body) is almost objectified to become a kind of plaything.

Implicit, too, is a questioning of the reality of the human face and body. Coming from a spiritual tradition in which the physical world is energy and always changing to reflect our spiritual state of being (hence, one may say, an illusion), her work reflects a kind of ephemeral, ever-changing, moving composition of parts, shapes and forms. It is as if we, too, may be the products of our own creativity. The concept of "playful creativity" is also key, and the artist hopes that within this concept she may reveal something more about where the collective and the personal meet.

Nabarro's work has taken inspiration from the Blue Rider Group, the Abstract and Neo Expressionists and the Chinese Scholar-Painters (11th-13th centuries). She trained at Hertfordshire University, is currently on a course of further training with the Turps Banana school of art and, previously, read Social Anthropology at Cambridge University. Her work is held in private collections in the UK and the USA. She is based in London.


Selected Exhibitions:


Solo show (paintings and drawings), Front Room Cafe (Mar-Jun 2018)

Group show with Oaktree and Tiger Gallery, Ashurst (Jan-Mar 2018)


A Love Letter to Myself (solo exhibition), Ma-Wah Gallery (Oct-Nov 2017)

Electric Open, Electric Picture House (Oct-Nov 2017)

Surprising Things (solo exhibition), CueB Gallery (Mar-Apr 2017)

In Translation, Espacio Gallery (April 2016)

Confluence, Espacio Gallery (October 2015)

The Times Watercolour Exhibition, Mall Galleries (2015)

Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize Shortlist, Ashurst London (2015)

In the Comfort of Shadows (solo exhibition), MMX Gallery (2015)

The Discerning Eye, Annual Art Exhibition, Mall Galleries (2014)

Society of Women Artists, Open Exhibition, Mall Galleries (2014)

Zeitgeist Summer Exhibition, Zeitgeist Art Projects (2014)

Blink Pop Up, Blink Pop Up Arts (2014)



Shortlisted for the NOAC exhibition (2014)



Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize Shortlist (2015)

Showdown Shortlist, Saatchi Online (2013)



Stiwdio Maelor, Corris, Wales, 2018