Sarah Nabarro is an expressive artist. The human face is the most expressive form for her, which is why she uses it. It is also, in Van Gogh’s words, ‘timeless’. In escaping time perhaps it is possible to touch on things that may be closer to universal than those things which are bound by time and space. As an expressive artist whose starting point is, inevitably, her own feelings and experiences, universals are of particular interest as they may be a point of meeting between us – a point where we may discover what we have in common. This act of communication and sharing of experience is, for Sarah, fundamental to meaningful human experience and life.

In spite of the sadness and darkness which often appears in her work, Sarah’s intent is playfulness. The suggestion is that it is through our playfulness and creativity that we may make, not just sense of the darkness in the world, but also create from it light. The figure, or face, in her images, emerges from the formal push and pull of the collaged elements.

There is a desire to challenge form and also narrative by allowing it to emerge from something more abstract and even, at times, chaotic. She is interested in the dynamic between something and it’s “other”- text and image, colour and black and white, form and chaos, and importantly, that which is “alive” and that which is simply an object. Sarah is also interested in confusing these distinctions. In this confusion, it is as though she creates, or discovers, a kind of hyper-reality – something more expressive and intense than life, or an imitation of life, can ever be. It is “all at once”.

Sarah’s work may perhaps best be seen as a kind of on going puzzle, or question, juxtaposing the obvious and the direct with the ambiguous and oblique. For the artist, it is the puzzle – the unknowns – that keep her curious and drive her work. It is curiosity that keeps her interested and alive.

Sarah's work has taken inspiration from the Cubists, the Abstract and Neo Expressionists and the Chinese Scholar-Painters (11th-13th centuries). She trained at Hertfordshire University, is currently on a course of further training with the Turps school of art and, previously, read Social Anthropology at Cambridge University. Her work is held in private collections in the UK and the USA. She is based in London.


Selected Exhibitions:


Doorways, Bath Fringe Arts Festival, Bath (May 2018)

Nostalgia, Group show, Art Number 23, Toon Amsterdam (May 2018)

Solo show (paintings and drawings), Front Room Cafe (Mar-Jun 2018)


Group show with Oaktree and Tiger Gallery, Ashurst (Jan-Mar 2018)

A Love Letter to Myself (solo exhibition), Ma-Wah Gallery (Oct-Nov 2017)

Electric Open, Electric Picture House (Oct-Nov 2017)

Surprising Things (solo exhibition), CueB Gallery (Mar-Apr 2017)

In Translation, Espacio Gallery (April 2016)

Confluence, Espacio Gallery (October 2015)

The Times Watercolour Exhibition, Mall Galleries (2015)

Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize Shortlist, Ashurst London (2015)

In the Comfort of Shadows (solo exhibition), MMX Gallery (2015)

The Discerning Eye, Annual Art Exhibition, Mall Galleries (2014)

Society of Women Artists, Open Exhibition, Mall Galleries (2014)

Zeitgeist Summer Exhibition, Zeitgeist Art Projects (2014)

Blink Pop Up, Blink Pop Up Arts (2014)



Shortlisted for the NOAC exhibition (2014)



Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize Shortlist (2015)

Showdown Shortlist, Saatchi Online (2013)



Stiwdio Maelor, Corris, Wales, 2018